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Flood Clean Up

Flood Clean Up & Water Damage Restoration
If you have had a flood and are in need of flood clean up, please, do not hesitate to call us quickly at 1-877-999-1786. Flood water left standing is a breeding ground for microorganisms and flood water that contains sewage and toxins will only speed up that growth. Bacteria, viruses, and mold that become airborne, can then be inhaled, putting you and your family at risk for disease.

Alot of the damaged materials and furnishings in water damages homes and buildings will have to be discarded because of the spread of contaminated water. Simply drying out the water will not remove the contaminants or the microorganisms. That is where our 20 years of experience comes into play, we know which materials can be cleaned, restored or repaired and which materials cannot. We also know how to conduct the best water damage restoration techniques to properly clean, restore or repair those materials that can be saved.

Flood damage can also cause other problems, such as physical stress. The stress of dealing with the flood clean up and insurance companies can be a nightmare, that is why at Clean Flood, we have our own adjuster and handle all of your insurance claims directly through your insurance company.

Call us today and see what 20 years of experience can do for you, 1-877-999-1786.

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