Simple Household Basement Water Damage Clean Up

When you wake up and find molds on your wooden floor or ceiling, do not wait until they multiply to unmanageable proportions. Immediately brush them off with water and soap after sprinkling salt on the affected area. This strategy works fine. But if the molds appear in other areas of the house, suspect your home to be the perfect breeding ground for molds and get a mold removal expert fast.

A humid temperature can be the culprit because varied species of fungi thrive in varying temperatures. Indoor molds survive well in temperatures of 60°F to 80°F. There is no escape from molds unless treated professionally to prevent their reappearance. Your air-conditioner may also be inviting molds to develop rapidly if these are poorly maintained.

The presence of molds in the home should not be ignored. These can compromise health by causing severe allergies when inhaled. On top of this, molds can make interiors unsightly, which is big nuisance to homeowners. They eat into the wood, weakening the structure, causing expensive damage. In this case, mold removal professionals can deal with the problem effectively.

Houses that are prone to flooding, have leaking roofs and leaky plumbing are favorite breeding environments for mildew infestation. If this is true in your case, start inspecting your walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, and clothing. Before attempting any mold removal by yourself, check the water pipes and drainage systems for leaks and deal with the problem before doing any mold removal in your home.

The mold problem will persist even if you have scrubbed them off walls, ceilings, and furniture. They reappear as fast as you clean them out if the plumbing and drainage leaks are not fixed immediately.

When to Get Professional Help

If you have fixed all possible causes for molds in your home such as in heating, air-conditioning, and plumbing or drainage leaks, and removed all traces of molds in the house yet it stubbornly reappears, it is time to get professional help.

Not all molds can be detected through their musky smell and visual presence. Some molds cannot be detected. If you suspect that your home is being invaded by the fungus, seek mold removal experts to do the sampling. They will scrape samples from suspected areas and place each sample separately in sterilized dishes to determine what type of molds are plaguing your home.

Removing samples require different methods and tools. Improper removal of samples can destroy the sample but you can do a simple method. Simply place a dish with nutrients and leave it uncovered. The molds will appear after a few days and you can safely swab the mold and place it in a Petri dish for examination in a laboratory nearby.

You should call if mold infestation is extensive or covering an area of 10 square feet. ss

Why You Should Get Professional Help

Mold is risky business. It can cause chronic cough, asthma, itchy eyes and stuffy noses. If you have these symptoms frequently, you have to check your home for molds. Molds do not just live on wood and paper. They invade mattresses and pillows and spread fast. You may be inhaling all the noxious mold toxins causing your recurring sinusitis or asthma.

The earlier you seek professional mold removal the better it is for your health and budget.

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