Different Carpet Problems that Require Wet Carpet Cleaning

There are different reasons why your carpet has gotten soaked up. It can be due to a leak in your water heater, a hole on the roof, and other flooding problems. When your carpet gets wet, you have to deal with it right away. Wet carpet cleaning is very important, in order to prevent further problems that arise due to the soaked fabric. These problems include deterioration of the fibers, organic decay, heavy soiling, delaminating, musty odors, and molds. What is more, soggy carpets lead to bacterial and fungal infections that may be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Deterioration of the fibers.

When your carpet is completely soaked up with water and you do not tend to it right away, you will not be able to stop the damage that it will cause to the fiber structures. Once the fibers deteriorate, your carpet will shrink or loosen. When the pad underneath your carpet also gets soggy, wet carpet cleaning will go on longer than you can imagine. What is more, it will make the problem worse.

Organic decay.

If you put off wet carpet cleaning after a flooding in your home, the carpet will develop organic decay. This is the result of debris and dirt that have accumulated, which have been brought about by the water. While the organic materials are decaying on the carpet fibers, they emit off-gases that are recognizable through a strong and musty smell. This problem is harder to get rid of if the water, which has made the carpet wet, comes from the sewer or is contaminated with the water from the drainage system.

Heavy soiling.

No matter how clean the water is, which has soaked up the carpet, it will result to heavy soiling if you do not clean and dry off the carpet completely. Aside from staining the carpet, soiling will make the fabric smell really bad. This is due to the buildup of organic decay. As the dirt and dust accumulates within the carpet fibers and in the padding, stains will develop. As the decay breaks off and gather; your carpet will also develop a musty smell.


This is usually the problem if the carpet is glued to your floor. The water from the wet carpet will break down the glue that holds it. This is the reason why it is better to use a carpet padding than stick the carpet on the floor.


This is a problem, which you should find a solution to right away. If you do not want your carpet to develop molds, you should seek wet carpet cleaning services immediately. You can find mold spores anywhere. They can be within or outside your home. Moist areas, such as wet carpets, are perfect environments for them to grow. As a matter of fact, molds develop really fast that they will take over your wet carpet if you do not clean it right away. To keep this from happening, make sure that you dry off your carpet the moment you notice that it is soaked.

If you have a really big carpet and you do not know how to clean it, you can hire a cleaning service to do it. An example of an online wet carpet cleaning service provider is CleanFlood.com. Aside from this type of service, it also offers basement water removal and cleanup.

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